Tuesday, February 10, 2009

America the babysitter...

So it seems that our wonderful federal government is once again coddling the lazy masses. Since last summer, June or July I believe there have been commercial on the TV about the "Digital TV Transition." In case you have been living under a rock, this is when all American broadcast TV stations will change their signal from analog to an all digital signal. This will require that people using older TV sets with rabbit ears, or a rooftop antenna antenna will need to be sure that they get a digital converter box so that they can continue to watch their favorite shows. This transition was originally scheduled to take place on February 17th. This has been advertised HEAVILY for more than 6 months. Closer to a year. The date was specific. Everyone has been informed and yet there are enough procrastinators out there whining and crying that they didn't know . Not only was there a solid advertising campaign, but the Government even has been providing coupons for FREE Converter boxes. People have still not stepped up to take care of themselves. So the wonderful government steps in and says, "It's ok if you have put it off, we will move this deadline back another 5 months and give you more time. " Who wants to bet that when the new deadline gets here ( June 12th 2009) there will still be a huge segment of the population who are not ready and they will cry and whine again that they have not had enough notice or help?

Is it any wonder that the American public can't think for themselves?

Love our Government. They can screw up a steel ball and then blame it on someone else.

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