Monday, April 20, 2009

some can and some can't : Mustache!

Hair... It's just hair, but it means so much to so many.

Ever notice that there are people in the world who look good with facial hair and others who never do? The same with long hair on the head, some people can pull it off and others can't. The bald guy with the ponytail? Nope, just looks dopey no matter who or where. When the bald guy wears a hat to cover the bald spot, and then takes it off an the ponytail is still there? Oye! I was a long hair for many years, and quite proud of the fact. I just thought that I looked better with long hair. That's what mattered to me, that I thought I looked good. The old guy down the street who would bitch about the long hair didn't bother me, and the boss bitching certainly didn't bother me. What ultimately bothered me enough to get me to cut my hair off was cleaning out the drain. It's not like I was going bald, but I hated cleaning out the drain of all that nasty hair coated with soap scum!

I found out that I have some follicle problems. Not enough!! I guess that my genetic heritage is such that I do not have the dense facial folicles to grow a decent mustache or beard. Heck I can't even grow a respectible goatee! I tried, for a long time, I bet it was nearly a decade that I had some sort of hair on my face. In fact one year for my Halloween costume I shaved my face clean and cut my hair short and went out without my glasses. Some of my closest friends didn't recognize me!! It was brilliant! In fact I nearly got a poke in the nose when I freaked out one of my female friends. LOL

So what is it about certain faces that make them look good with fur? Some guys look dumb without whickers, but put a mustache on them and bang! they look intelligent, distinguished, or even adult. Other guys look normal, with a clean shave, but then they grow a beard or a mustache and they look like a cast-off from a 70's porn flick. Scruffy barely covers the look. You see them and you expect them to grunt rather than talk! Never could figure it out. How does one know until they try life both ways? And who is the person who decides for them? Do they decide for themselves or do they wait for the compliments to come or not?

But then who cares! I

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