Wednesday, March 23, 2011

have to answer...

So a friend of mine has a blog, and She wrote this post... (click the colored words to find the original post)

RE: Guess what, I know why people act like jerks.

Here's the comment that I tried to leave last night and ended up having to write all over again!! This time I am keeping it where I can find it until I know you will have a chance to see it.

In general I agree with much of what you have said, But I must argue with you about using Elvis as and example, not because I am any particular fan of the Big E, but because he never bought drugs from anyplace but a licensed pharmacist. You see, he never took a drug that wasn't prescribed by his physician. So while he was indeed drug addled and addicted, he was continually under a Dr.'s care and he never took anything that was considered to be an illegal drug. He was known to drink occasionally, but he wasn't a drunkard by any extant of the imagination, according to all that I have ever read about him. Now Instead of Elvis, lets talk about some real Icons of American Music, Johnny Cash, George Jones and Hank Williams, These men have well known and documented drug and drinking problems. One of them died before he ever had a chance to redeem himself, while the other two lived long enough to not only redeem their lives, but to go on and thrive in a clean life. Sadly, it is the state of Celebrity that they are given special treatment. The talented and the gifted will be allowed leeway that the general public would not, why? Perhaps it is the implicit understanding that with genius comes flaws, and a certain amount of eccentricity. But what about today's society and the 24 hour news cycle?

In a day when the media feels the need to fill 24 hours of the day with "news" they focus on things that are popular, rather than the things that really matter. Ratings are king, they sell eyes and ears, and they put up what draws eyes and ears. The more they can draw in, the more they can charge the advertisers. You of all people should know that. So when the world is falling apart and our hearts are tired of being wrenched by dead families in Japan and the Middle East, and the shock of flag draped coffins has lost it's zing, they jump right back into the celebrity "news" Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, and Lindsay Lohan, or whomever has done the new thing that is getting attention on TMZ. TMZ is the source for MSNBC, CNN and Fox News when it comes to that type of thing. The truth is that too many people in American actually take pride in the fact that they can't speak a second language, identify most foreign countries on a globe, or name their congressional representatives. These are things that actually matter, but they would much rather know who is driving in the race this weekend and what their standings are in the fantasy Baseball league. Is it any wonder that we elevate assholes?

A great author once said that the end of any great society is in sight when the people would rather have cake and circuses than worry about what happens in the halls of their government. We are at that point, and more and more people are becoming enamored with the circus, so the clowns will take center stage, and they are certainly the jerks of society.


Leah Smith said...

Well I was all fired up to debate with you but I can say I disagree much. My example of Elvis was apparently flawed however I still stick with the point I was making. I do think that people are perfectly capable and deserving of redeeming themselves. I have many friends who have done so. I also do not think they belong on a stamp or should be held in idol status. I dont feel I am being overly rightous on this, I wouldnt feel my own self deserved that status. That should be a place only for truley fantastic people who have undebatedly changed our country for the better. As for the people who soak up the TMZ 'news', there is nothing wrong with reading it, as long as you dont actually give a crap. Or let it affect you in any way and certainly dont teach your children that most of these people are someone to be looked up to. There are a couple celebrities that I would say are a good example and mentor. However they are usually the ones who stay out of the news and tabloids. I will end my long ass comment saying I agreed with most of what you said. However on one point I will say this. Do not think that every man that can tell you the lastest race point standings and results does not know anything when it comes to politics and the workd in general. My own father is living proof against that.

shipping troll said...

The truth of this matter of postage stamps is that I don't think it really matters who is on them. They are people who made an impression in their fields of endeavor. Elvis was a musician who made a great impression. How do you feel about the cartoon characters on stamps? Beetle Bailey, Krazy Kat, Charlie Brown and the like. Insects, and birds? Flowers? what do they have to do with anything other than giving people who collect stamps something to add to their collections. Now if I found Elvis on my $100 Bills, I would be a little upset. BTW did you know that the USPS is the only government entity that is completely self-supporting? They use no tax money at all, only the revenue that they generate from their services.

Now as for the last point, I didn't say that one excludes the other, Just because someone knows race scores and sports standings doesn't meant that they don't know they rest of the news and what's going on in the world. What I said was that TOO MANY don't care enough to know. I love racing and will watch any race that I happen to find, but it isn't my only focus. (Mark Martin is the best driver to never win the cup!) More power to anyone who cares enough to be conversant in ANY subject.

Alan said...

I agree! But, I'm one of the few that follow my fantasy football standings. I've met my state Governor. Had my picture taken with Admirals. My wife reads People regularly. It's a waste of time to me. Also, by subscribing to it, she is essentially supporting the behavior of the people in it. I give her a hard time about it occasionally. Generally I just leave her be. I try to avoid discussions of politics/politicians and celebrities. Their behaviors tend to be very similar. Speaking of sports and politics, why do americans have to pay congress to look into Barry Bonds, and his steroid use? What does the US government have to do with MLB anyway?