Saturday, July 11, 2009

Barbecue season...

50 pounds less of me there now is!

And the fact that I have managed to keep to my changes even in the middle of barbecue season makes me very happy, because next to Christmas this is the hardest time of the year for me to keep from gorging on everything in sight. Between working outdoors and playing outdoors, I'm hungry to start with, but throw in the constant scent of barbecue in the air from all over the neighborhood, and I should be binging left and right! Plus the added incentive of being too hot and tired to really want to cook anything good, but with a taste for junk in my brain.... I want to dive head first into a Chinese buffet! Who knows, maybe that will be my splurge this weekend, it is either that or maybe I will get a pair of them bacon burritos from Taco Bell! They sure look good on the commercials. Taco Bell is the one place that seems to rarely disappoint me between the commercial and the reality. Unlike Applebee's which always disappoints me. Everything looks great and tasty, and I get there and it seems like warm cardboard. Yet I still try the place now and then just hoping to find something good. LOL I guess that fits the definition of insanity. But it's food, what can I do? As I have said before, it is the one thing that I am nearly powerless over. That is changing though, and I am happy about it! Maybe someday I will have the willpower to never set foot in those places again, but for now, I am getting by on smaller and much more distant doses.

I guess I will go make a broccoli and jalapeno omelet.

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