Thursday, July 23, 2009

thoughts and holes

So I went to the Doctor today about this bump on my back, and it turns out that I had a little thing called an infected subacious cyst. Sound delicious doesn't it? Yeah, so anyway, since I was there and he was a surgeon, I decided to let him take it out. He got in and cleaned out the infection, and now since it needs to heal from the inside first, I have a hole in my back packed with gauze. Fun wow! The real fun will be getting the packing changed, I'm sure that without the anesthetic it will be quite a joy to feel. Oh well, better for me in the long run.

Last night I met someone who I would consider to be a minor semi-celebrity. Have you ever met someone and knew, without even a seconds hesitation that you are with someone who will someday be truly famous? In the first 5 minutes, I was impressed with this person. I'm not easily impressed, and most people who have the drive to pursue this type of life, are generally self centered and pretty much a walking ego. The lady that I met last night was not. She was gracious, and friendly, and she was just as happy to listen to our stories as we were to listen to hers. When she listened to you, she looked at you, and her eyes would see into you and sort the bullshit from the truth, with the precision of a laser scalpel. In the first 5 minutes I knew why she had her job, and in the first half-hour I knew that she was gonna be way bigger than our little city. By the time the evening was done, I was sure that she was gonna be one of the biggest. She will be one of those people who will surpass all of the expectations. I don't know if I would say bigger than Oprah, because let's face it, that's a just not likely for anyone anymore, but she will at least be as big as Ellen, or maybe Leno. She is a girl with drive and balls, backed by intelligence, wit and amazing beauty. If she doesn't become a household name I will be surprised, and some day I will turn on the TV and she will be there doing something, and I will chuckle and say that I had dinner once with Lilly Hisenaj, back when she was just in the middle of her career path, before she was a household name.

Someday you all will know who I mean. I'm sure of it!

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