Thursday, October 16, 2008

a beginning...

Everyone has to start somewhere and I guess I'll start here. I have been commenting and posting on various blogs and websites for a long time and I figure it's finally time to start writing my own pages. How often I will get to it, and how interesting it is will be is up to someone else to decide, but I will be writing what is on my mind and I will not be able to always be gentle or politically correct, In fact I vow to not be politically correct, because that's one of the things in this country that peeves me more than anything else. I don't take offense at somebody referring to me and my family as indian, rather than Native American. If you do take offense at being called an Indian when you have family that lives on a reservation anywhere in the North American continent, then you're a PUTZ! get over yourself before they start playing cowboys and indians again! Little Bighorn was a FLUKE! Even now we are far out numbered, but if you want to know an interesting fact, most Mexicans now have more native blood that Spanish in their heritage and that means that they belong here far more rightly that any of you silly white people. Now that being said I am somewhat of a white person since my Momma is "second generation Euro-mutt" ( I really love that term! )

I really don't know what direction I wish to take this thing, but I hope that a few people will eventually read it and maybe try and tick me off to see what I will spout about!! Things I hate, Kid Rock, any educated person who talks like they are from the ghetto, Knuckleheads in general, Stupid trends, people who are proud of their ignorance. Bigotry. Stupid drivers. Oil companies who charge us instantly when the price of crude goes up, but take forever to lower the price when it goes down!! Liars who KNOWINGLY lie. Someone who spouts off without full information then realizes they were misinformed and changes the story, is not a liar, just too eager to spread rumors.

Give me Liberty Or give me death!! Patrick Henry, sure knew how to turn a phrase.

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