Sunday, October 19, 2008

Helpful hints...

Blot don't rub.... Helpful hints seem to come unbidden and furiously no matter what. When you tell people that you are interested in something they tell you about someone they know who is also interested in it, or they have their own interest and they begin to share all of their resources with you. Sometimes it's cool because you are dying for assistance, but other times it is the most annoying thing in the world. I never claim to be perfect, I have my days when I make typos so much that I wonder if I actually have control of my fingers, and I do proofread, but when you have been typing for hours and you know what you have just written, ( or were supposed to write!) your eyes don't catch each and every mistake. Fortunately I have the ability to return to the post and edit. I try to get it right the first time, but as you are all aware, Murphy was an optimist.

So this ain't a big one, and sometimes they won't be, but hey "It's my bloggy and I'll sigh if I wanna..."


J_Lemmon said...

Talk is cheap. You ask me for information, and I'll most likely give it to you, happily. I'm not the kind of person who likes to "keep a nigga down." I believe that everyone has the right to "try" to succeed. Everyone who thinks they have a better way, will volunteer their "better" way when you are laboring hard. What they won't volunteer, is their own labor. Case in point - Tell someone you're moving. Their schedules are suddenly full! I don't have time for you, because I don't wanna work. Guess what. Just because you live in America, doesn't mean you can get by without a little muscle. In the midst of a credit crises, those who will come out on top, are those who created their own wealth the sweaty way. Those of us, who got dirty and worked long, hard hours. The reality is, Americans have become lazy, we've forgotten how we became the greatest country in the world. The only way to ever truly succeed in this world, and have true happiness, is with blood, sweat, and tears. My tree doesn't produce much fruit, but the fruits I harvest, are the sweetest I've ever had.

shipping troll said...

Brings to mind one of my favorite bumper sticker, "Yes it's my truck, and no I ain't helpin' you move!"
As anyone who owns a pick-up truck knows, your the best friend of someone who needs to move, but they barely know you when you need to crash when the wife kicks you ass out!