Monday, October 27, 2008


Why the hell do people yell "Geronimo!" when they jump from something? Geronimo was a great Apache warrior, who fought like hell for the freedom of his people. He never saw a parachute in his life!
Politics make assholes out of decent people. Don't believe me? Ask somebody you like what their political views are. You can bet that if they are any different than yours, they will come across like an uneducated idiot who has no concept of logic. Take this current election cycle, the catch phrase of the week is "Spread the wealth around." But what exactly is buying up mortgages with tax money, and selling them back at a discount rate? Sounds vaguely socialist to me. OOH OOH!! How about "Tax and spend"? Tax employers to pay for individual health care. Any time tax money is used for the public good whether individual or as a whole it is "spreading the wealth around." What about the Government salaries? Talk about spread the wealth! I have to laugh because while they are in session in the senate they must refer to each other as the "Esteemed Gentleman from..." or the "Esteemed lady from..." This rule was made to keep them from hurling insults at each other in session, because every word is recorded in the official record. What I wouldn't give to read the historic record someday and find a some one shouting across the senate floor, "You fuckin' asshole!! How in the hell can you even say that with a straight face?" Sadly, if that actually happened, I'm sure that it would be redacted from the public record. Especially if it was an FCC hearing!! LOL There is no doubt that the occasional epithet has been hurled in the hallowed halls of government, and I am sure that they echoed quite nicely on all that marble. I seem to remember our current VP calling somebody a "dumb fuck" so we know that it happens.

Hunting season is here as my little brother has reminded me. I'm not a fan of hunters in general, because as a group they are usually pretty stupid and inconsiderate. Now that is not to say that all hunters fall into this group. Some are exactly what the ideal of a hunter is, they take what they will consume, they hunt safely, and they respect property and property lines, and they kill as cleanly as possible. Growing up in the country, hunting was something that I was exposed to, my father took me hunting on occasion, and I was know to give it a try on my own now and then. I never shot anything big like a deer, but I got my share of rabbits and squirrels. I tried for partridge more than once, but never had any luck. Now I hunt with a camera, it's always in season, and the trophies are amazing when you get just the right shot. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a crybaby save bambi knucklehead. I eat meat and I love it, but I figure since I can get my hormone injected factory farm raised beef, pork and fowl from the grocery store, why do all the work of tracking and killing and cleaning and cutting just for a few pounds of sausage and steaks. I don't have the freezer room, and I sure don't want the trophies of the racks and heads. Although some nice fur blankets would be cool. I like to shoot my pistols and to try my hand with the bow now and then and any woodchuck digging in my yard is a goner, but traipsing through the woods carrying a gun looking for something to kill is just not something that I am wanting to do.

Thinking about starting a video blog on you tube, any feelings plus or minus?

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